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This American Life


If you get a chance, you should really listen to This American Life from Public Radio International. It’s a great program.

If you like to listen to radio, this is the best of the best. It’s a collection of short reports or acts based on a single theme for each show and is hosted by Ira Glass. It has become a Friday night ritual for me and my wife to sit down at 7 p.m. and listen to the show each week. It’s on KUAR in Little Rock, the local University jazz and news station.

Tonight’s topic was "The Physics of Family" and was a look at how some of the laws of science affect relationships between family members.

That actually makes it sound kind of boring, but it was a facinating look at three different families and some of the things they went through.

The last act was hysterical. A gay guy talking about his experience with the "Stadium Buddy" — an external catheter that lets you go ahead and go wherever you are. That David Sedaris really cracks me up.

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