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Chuck roast with carrots, new potatoes


Penny made pot roast. yum, yum!

Steak and Shrooms


Steak and grilled Portabella mushrooms to celebrate July 4th.

Summer squash, purple hull peas, tomatoes


One if my favorite kinds of meals: summer vegetables front and center! Summer squash, zucchini and onions, purple hull peas, hard boiled eggs from our own chickens, tomatoes from our garden plus blackberry jello made from real blackberries we picked!

Stir fry


Oh my gosh, this was incredible! We started with the recipe for stir fry from Arkansas Foodies and improvised a bit with crowder peas and Linzano sauce. It was simply incredible, thanks again to our home-grown eggs and Farm Girl Natural Foods (Facebook page.) This time we used her hmong sausage, an Asian sausage style flavored with ginger, cilantro, and chilies.

Pesto pizza


This is pesto pizza using linguica sausage from Farm Girl Natural Foods, which can also be found on Facebook. I browned the sausage, made a pesto cream sauce and added the sauce, sausage, fresh mushrooms, fresh arugula, mozzarella and feta cheese to a pre-made crust that was brushed with extra virgin olive oil. It was cooked on a super-hot pizza stone for ~15 minutes.



Homemade migas using linguica sausage from Farm Girl Natural Food, which can also be found on Facebook; I also used our very own farm’s eggs, home-grown onions and jalapeƱo peppers!

They were most excellent and Annie approved. So much so, she had to take a nappy on the couch after breakfast!

Vermillion Bistro website launched


I recently launched a new web site for Mike Selig’s Vermillion Water Grille, an upscale bar and restaurant located in downtown Little Rock. It’s a great place with a wonderful ambiance. The web site turned out really nice, too, if I do say so myself. It has my first real effort at a Google Maps mashup.