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Updated Bootcamp drivers (3.0)


I recently purchased a Macbook Pro 15″ (aluminum unibody version) and I love it. Since I do most of my web development under Windows (at least for now, this may change!), one of the first things I did was install Windows on a Bootcamp partition. I did this before upgrading the installed OS X operating system from Leopard (10.5) to Snow Leopard (10.6). This installed version 2.1 of the Bootcamp drivers for Windows. These drivers allow the Apple hardware to work under Windows, including the sound card, video, multi-touch trackpad (like enabling two-finger scrolling, right click, etc.) and more.


Howto: Reapply default NTFS permissions


I recently installed some software on my PC (Windows XP sp 3) and part of the installation process required changes to NTFS disk permissions. The installer somehow got confused (it was actually a bug in the installer) and it managed to foul up all the permissions on my disk. I mean all of them, disk-wide. I couldn’t even open my control panels. After hours of research (using another computer) I finally found this article at MS Technet.

The final command line I issued was this:

  1. secedit /configure /CFG "%windir%\Security\Templates\Setup security.inf" /areas FILESTORE /DB "%windir%\Security\Templates\sec-filestore.sdb" /verbose

Upgrading PHP from 4 to 5 on IIS


I needed to make some notes when starting the process of upgrading all our IIS web servers from PHP4 to PHP5. I have found a few gotchas (which might only apply in our circumstance.)