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New Zempt domain and site launch


It has been a long time since there has been anything Zempt on the ‘net (except for the occasional post by me in my personal blog) since the original domain expired and was scooped up by a cyber-squatter. Well, I would like to announce a new home for the project. Since it is an open-source and free application, I registered a dot-org domain and sat on it for a while. I have packaged a new build (0.5.113), put together some new screen shots and a discussion forum.

Head on over to the new Zempt domain,, and check out the latest version.

Daylight saving time and WordPress XMLRPC


Zempt is a desktop blogging client and writing tool that is especially useful for those that have multiple blogs. It enables you to write, edit and spell check new blog posts as well as edit previous blog entries by downloading, editing and reposting them. Having been involved with the Zempt project for five years (and being the only developer for the last two or three) I am pretty familiar with some of the issues that can come up with remote editing of blog posts.