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About Me

My name is Toby Simmons and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

During the day (read: my real job), I am the Director of Network Services and Tech Support at WEHCO Media, Inc. I have no certifications and no degree. Go figure. I’ve been with this company since 1997.

In my spare time, I do free-lance web design and marketing under the name of my personal business, Simmons Consulting. I’ve been doing this type of work for over 30 years. I have been using WordPress since version 0.72.

Before coming to WEHCO Media, I worked for the Associated Press. I started out at the AP as an editorial assistant but moved (unofficially) into the Editorial Systems department and provided software support for the AP at several large media events, including as the Summer Olympics in Atlanta and the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC.

I am married to the beautiful Penny Simmons, agricultural entrepreneur who has had several ambitious projects. We have five beautiful children.

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