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Integrating WP in external PHP pages


I have several external pages that use the WP theme engine to wrap the content. I use the method found here, which worked great under WordPress 2.9.2. After upgrading to WP 3.0, these pages no longer worked as expected but instead generated 404s; it turns out the fix is rather simple.


Google is sloooowwwwww


Dunno why but Google is just crawling today. Searches take a very long time to return, if at all. Sometimes only half the page loads, too.

Updated 2009-05-14 @ 2:41:15 pm: Yep, according to cnet, widespread outage.

Updated 2009-05-14 @ 10:02:40 pm: It’s really nice when a company owns up to their mistakes.

Vermillion Bistro website launched


I recently launched a new web site for Mike Selig’s Vermillion Water Grille, an upscale bar and restaurant located in downtown Little Rock. It’s a great place with a wonderful ambiance. The web site turned out really nice, too, if I do say so myself. It has my first real effort at a Google Maps mashup.