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Archive for February, 2004

Current RSS Feeds


Following are some of the RSS feeds I follow. I needed to put this list together because some of the links are hard to find and I wanted to keep a central list of what I’ve found so far.

SpamAssassin for Windows Forums Up Edit:(No Longer)


I’m starting a forum to discuss using SpamAssassin on the (win32) Windows platform. I wanted to create a place where folks can exchange ideas on how to better protect ourselves and our users from spam using this great open-source software. Let’s chat it up!

— Edit (2005-04-11T14:52:50 p.m.): These forums are no longer available, since there was ZERO interest.

SpamAssassin on Win32 Forum

Server upgrade and site changes


Well, a bunch of the URLs for old stuff in my site has changed because of the move to the new server. I decided to go ahead and install a more strict installation of the IISlockdown tool. Since IISLockdown doesn’t like periods in directories (unless you explicitly enable them, which I didn’t want to do) I had to change my templates so that they didn’t use periods in the path names. I changed the periods to commas.

I know you are supposed to maintain "evergreen" URLs … but this should be the last major change for a while.