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Archive for October, 2004

Updates to Zempt — Introducing version 0.4


Screen shot of the new Zempt I’ve made some pretty massive updates (and improvements, in my opinion) to Zempt, so many that I think it deserves a full one-tenth version increase. Adam Kalsey asked me if I wanted to take over development and, at least as long as free-time permits, I guess I’m it. If you are interested in getting a copy, please leave me a comment. Here is a list of the things I have fixed in Zempt:

New look


I decided to change the look of the site. I was getting tired of the brushed-metal look and decided to experiment with some different layout techniques. The picture you see at the top is the site of our blackberry farm in Little Rock. We are starting with not quite 1 acre of land and our first harvest is expected next Spring (2005).