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No sleep


Man, I am so tired. I have had about 3½ hours sleep in the last 48 and it’s beginning to take its toll. We have had problems with darn near every system we have over the last couple of weeks, but especially in the last four days. It has even gotten to be a bit comical. We are about to start taking bets on what is going to crash next.

Let’s see: The advertising database has crashed half a dozen times or so, the web site has had issues with responsiveness, the archive indexes got corrupted, the newsroom database ran out of disk space (3 times). I wonder what’s next? (I really just need some sleep. It’ll all be better after some sleep.)

Comment Spam


I received a most interesting comment spam today. It was probably the most innocuous I have seen. It was seductively supportive (one that made you think that there was someone out there truly praising your site!) and only had one link in it. In fact, the link wasn’t even in the body of the body of the message. His site is for some helpdesk / point-of-sale software.

I don’t think Google has caught all of them (mine don’t show up) but there are a couple of identical comments out there.

Here are the specifics:

Author : POS Software (IP: ,
E-mail :
Comment: Well, I fully agree with your comment. :-)
BTW: I visited your blog earlier today and I just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative resource.
It's not often that I come across a web site that offers a wealth of quality. ;-)
Martin (aka POS Software Man)

And I was convinced that someone thought I had a "well presented, and informative resource." Oh, well …

Microsoft AntiSpyware icon


Blue MS AntiSpyware iconHas anyone else noticed that the Microsoft AntiSpyware icon in the system tray occasionally appears to be blue instead of orange? Does anyone know what that is all about?