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Archive for September, 2005

Remote Desktop (RDP) window state


I frequently use saved Remote Desktop connections (RDP) to manage our Windows servers. It can get confusing when you save a connection to open in Full Screen mode (plus, it can screw up icon placement on the console of the server if you run a different resolution on your workstation than on the server) so I typically save my RDP files to open a 1024 x 768 window. One of the problems I ran into is that some of my saved connections wouldn’t immediately open in a maximized window state so I would have to either click the maximize button or scroll the window to see the entire desktop. However, some of my connections did open up maximized. This puzzled me.

Zoiks! Hack attack!!


I haven’t felt so violated in a long time. Turns out there have been dictionary attacks running against us for over a week. A dictionary attack is basically where someone automates attempted logins to your system using common usernames and passwords. We have had over 4,200 login attempts from assorted computers located in Germany; Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Beaver Creek, OH; Amsterdam; England; and Australia. Either that or we recently hired folks named sasaki, kanna, tasuka, sasaki, yoshi, root, or various other generic names who cannot remember their passwords. Fortunately, nobody got in, but it’s probably only a matter of time. Sheesh, some people suck.

iTunes installation fixed on Windows


I knew I should have listened to them. I went ahead and tried to install iTunes 5 + Quicktime on my office computer and, sure enough, I had the problem where the installer hung up with an error 1628. I deleted everything from the ~User\Local Settings\Temp folder, restarted and tried reinstalling. It seemed to go swell. It was a bit scary at first, but everything seems fine. If you have the same problem, try my fix.