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What am I doing up at this hour?


Oh, I forgot. I’m O.C.D.

We’ve got this really big web project in progress — there is a ton of design/programming/integration work that needs to be done. It’s the kind of thing I really enjoy doing and puzzling through — trying to figure out how to make it work the way you want it to, but sometimes I get a bit, well, O.C.D. (That means suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder, for those unfamiliar with the concept.)

Basically, that means I will work on something without noticing how much time has gone by and then suddenly notice I’ve been working for 4 hours straight (not during work hours, that is, on hobby-time) and then realize it’s waaaayy past my bedtime. (Old folks need our beauty sleep!)

I know that this is one of the things that make me a good employee, I guess, in that I tend to get my teeth sunk into a project and don’t let go until I’m satisfied. But sometimes I tend to get a little too attached and won’t ever finish it because I want it to be perfect. As in, completely perfect. Without flaw. No runs, drips or errors. Nada.

I guess that’s my real flaw … being able to know when good enough is good enough. I think I’m getting better at that but sometimes it is a struggle being satisfied with "good enough."

Regardless … I do need to get some sleep sometime …

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