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Archive for January, 2006

WP Hashcash fix for WordPress 2.0


While I haven’t upgraded my WordPress to the 2.x strain, I have been testing with it. One problem is that one of my spam-fighting plugins, WP Hashcash, didn’t work under 2.x. The reason is that WP Hashcash hooked a deprecated (i.e. it’s going away) filter that is no longer available in WP 2. The fix was pretty easy, though. Just edit line 675 of wp-hashcash.php. Change:

add_filter('post_comment_text', 'hashcash_check_hidden_tag');


add_filter('preprocess_comment', 'hashcash_check_hidden_tag');

Voilà, it works swell. Plus, you can make this change under WordPress 1.x and it works, too.

Happy birthday, Sarah!


Well, you turn 17 today. Congratulations!

Since you are fair-haired, here is the best blonde joke of all time.

Slashdot: The sky is falling! (again, still)


Is it just me or does Slashdot tend to have an overabundance of "global-warming" scare articles? I’m all for being responsible and being a good steward of what we have here (after all, I happen to believe it is on loan from the real owner, God Himself) but the Slashdotters seem to get lathered up all the time about this issue. They bang that gong an awful lot.

Movie overload


We go through phases of renting movies. Often, we’ll go for weeks (and even months) at a time without renting anything. Then, suddenly, we’ll get a wild hair and go out and rent a bunch of movies over one weekend. We call this "festing" as in throwing a festival. We also tend to get massive quantities of "box" food, or anything easy to fix that comes already made in a box — just heat and eat!

It was a fest weekend. Wahoo!

Ugh … the evil virus is upon us


We have been doing the whole stomach virus thing now for going on three days. Ugh. I just hate it when the kids get sick, but especially with something so vile as a stomach virus. You just feel so helpless.

We will miss you, Screwball.


One of our schnauzers was hit by a car and killed this afternoon. He was the most faithful of all of our dogs and was a real treasure. We aren’t sure how old he was, but he was not an old dog. One of the sweetest things he would do was, when he was excited to see you (which was always), he would start to hop up on your leg, then get down and turn a quick circle right on the spot. He would sometimes do this over and over.

He was truly a rare breed. Screwball, you will be missed..