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Hacking the hacker’s identity | | CNET


Whoa. Let this be a warning to all you IPTC/EXIF geeks (me included!) Note to self: Remove meta data from photos of secret informants.

Naruto, anime and kids: I don’t get it


I guess I have finally become old.

Now, I don’t think I am completely out of touch with today’s yoots (nod to Joe Pesci). In fact, I think I am pretty hip when it comes to my kids and their culture (they tend to come to me when they have questions about modern music, for example). I still appreciate the Potter Puppet Pals (naked time!), Homestar Runner (I’m going this way!), and even Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (great animation).

And, does anyone remember the Thundercats? (“Thundercats, HO!”)

WP upgrade (1.5.2 to 2.0.1) — so far, so good


Well, I’ve updated my WP to 2.0.1. The upgrade wasn’t without hitches, but it seems to be pretty stable right now. Permalinks under IIS was the main issue, but the 404-handler is working so far. On my test machine (Windows XP) the 404-handler doesn’t work consistently, but under Windows server it works fine.

Watch out: MS Antispyware flags Symantec AV as spyware!


The latest definitions for Microsoft AntiSpyware seem to flag Symantec AntiVirus as the PWS.Bancos.A Password Stealer! This is quite disturbing, since we run both on most of our PCs. We have seen this on only one machine so far, but it is probably the only one that has done a complete scan since 4 a.m. Yikes.

Edit (2006-02-13) : Looks like it took them about 24 hours to fix the problem. The updated definitions (Spyware Definition Version: 5807) were released 2/10/2006 @ 11:02:39 PM. Make sure you are updated!

URL filtering with DD-WRT v23


I recently flashed my Linksys WRT54g with the open source DD-WRT firmware, v23 (12/25/05). I like the extra tuning and control it gives you, but one thing I noticed is that the Website Blocking by URL Address doesn’t work. I tried and tried to get it working but it just wouldn’t go. I would enter my computer’s MAC address into the list of PCs, then add a website URL ( and save the changes. Then I would try to load and it would load just fine. But then I got smart.