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WordPress 2.5 file uploader and IE7


So, you just upgraded your WordPress blog to 2.5 and you excitedly go to the admin screen to check out the new vaunted multi-file upload with progress bar. You click on the Write tab then click on any of the “Add Media” icons. The screen dims a bit then you are presented with … not the super-sexy, swfupload-based multi-file uploader but instead a dull, a simple, single file upload form and a script error. Why? It’s because you are running IE7. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy fix (that appears to be planned for 2.5.1) There are just two commas that need to be deleted, in two different files.

The first fix is in the file wp-admin/includes/media.php … down at line 817, delete the comma …

Change this:

  1. debug: false,

To this:

  1. debug: false

The next file to edit is wp-includes/js/swfupload/handlers.js … down at line 99, delete the comma right after the number 36 …

Change this:

  1. .animate({minHeight:0,height:36,}, 400, null, function(){jQuery(this).children('.describe').remove()})

To this:

  1. .animate({minHeight:0,height:36}, 400, null, function(){jQuery(this).children('.describe').remove()})

That’s it! The fancy multi-uploader now works in Internet Explorer 7!