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Cheap gas!


I don’t know how it happened but I suspect someone may have goofed. Typically when I fill my car with gas, I try to do it at the Kroger gas station where we get a 10 cent discount because we buy so many groceries. When I went to gas up my car yesterday I got a stunner of a deal. The sign outside said the price for unleaded should have been $2.71 (which should have been $2.61 with the discount.) I inserted my card and started pumping. I looked down and couldn’t believe my eyes: I was paying $2.17 a gallon!!! I thought this can’t possibly be right, but after filling up, I drove past the other pumps and they all had the price fixed at $2.27. I don’t bet it is still that cheap, but what a deal. I had to snap a picture just to prove it.