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Lat and Lon


Various details about Latitude and Longitude

Penny’s Spine : Redux


Penny’s back has been out for about eight weeks now and she finally went to get an MRI last week. The doctor called today with the results, which sounded roughly like this: She has moderate central canal stenosis; she also has a ruptured disc at L4-5 and a bulging disk at L5-S1. This means that we will be meeting with a neurosurgeon in the near future.

Oddly enough, she had brain surgery a couple of years ago for an acoustic neuroma (which is a benign brain tumor.) And we just recently paid off all the doctors bills from my little episode with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (which still messes with me occasionally.) I think we are in the business of keeping doctors in their high standard of living.

They are getting mean


I haven’t seen such a barrage of mean-spiritedness in a long time from Hollywood. And it’s getting out of hand. Whoopie Goldberg’s comments got her fired by Slimfast, Michael Moore is continuing his skree and should just take his money and run, and now Gary Trudeau is piling on. I’m sure that no liberal has ever done anything embarrassing when they were young or in college.

Liberals are just such kind and forgiving folk.

Kenneth Starr responds to "My Life"


There is a very interesting read in the WSJ OpinionJournal – Featured Article by Kenneth Starr, former independent counsel and dean designate of the Pepperdine Law School. It is titled "My Job : What Bill Clinton left out of his memoir"

Comment Spam and WordPress


The main reason I switched to WordPress was the problems I was having with comment spam with MovableType (althought I must admit I like the dynamic nature of WordPress, no more regenerating pages like with MT.) So, how many comment spams have I had with WP? The answer is ZERO (at least that’s how many were successfully posted.) I have had half a dozen or so comments posted to my site that were spam, but the beauty is that they were never live, which means these dingbats that post garbage posts to people’s sites to create links back to their garbage never got anything from me. I hate them. And so far, I love WP!