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On day four of whatever this is


It doesn’t seem so bad right now, but I am still a little feverish. I think I’m getting a bit grumpy, too. Woke up today just drenched with sweat (last night, I was so cold in the bed that I was shaking.) It feels like all my nerves are exposed and even the slightest touch of the covers or clothes hurts. Doesn’t it seem odd to get the flu this time of year? Of course, it might just be an upper respiratory thing. I’m ready for it to go.

Fever sucks


Metallica S&MMan, I feel rotten. I’ve got a fever (100.4°) I know it’s not a real high fever, but it sure is enough to make you feel dizzy and achey. Apparently my sweet daughter caught this cold/cough thing from her boyfriend and brought it home to share with the family. Thanks, darling. I basically laid on the bed today spinning while listing to my iPod. It was kinda surreal, laying on the bed with my nine-year-old Molly, both of us jacked into my iPod listening to Metallica playing No Leaf Clover with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Still crazy after all these years …


It has been a long time since I have posted about my health issues (boy, that sounds self-important and whiny) but I’ve had a few readers ask about how I was doing so I decided to write an update. I must say, I have been surprised how many folks have had similar problems. It was therapeutic to write about what was going on with me at the time, but it has been even more encouraging to hear that I was not the only one who had dealt with these weird symptoms. I haven’t been blogging about medical stuff because I am managing pretty well most of the time, although I still do not know what caused the initial onset of dizziness, vertigo and anxiety. Well, aside from being old and broken, as my wife and I like to say.

Another Diagnosis


Well, that’ll teach me to check my blood sugar. Turns out I’m diabetic. Officially.


Yet Another Medical Project


I certainly wasn’t expecting another medical project to take on, but apparently God had other designs. I have been feeling very dizzy, nauseous and lethargic for several weeks again, kind of like I was 18 months ago. Then, two days ago while I was at my dad’s house, I decided to check my blood sugar.

Feeling Woozy Again


I had another one of those creepy-crawly, feeling-like-I’m-gonna-pass-out episodes again today. Got all sweaty and shaky and stuff. It’s been a long time since this has happened.

Penny’s Spine : Redux


Penny’s back has been out for about eight weeks now and she finally went to get an MRI last week. The doctor called today with the results, which sounded roughly like this: She has moderate central canal stenosis; she also has a ruptured disc at L4-5 and a bulging disk at L5-S1. This means that we will be meeting with a neurosurgeon in the near future.

Oddly enough, she had brain surgery a couple of years ago for an acoustic neuroma (which is a benign brain tumor.) And we just recently paid off all the doctors bills from my little episode with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (which still messes with me occasionally.) I think we are in the business of keeping doctors in their high standard of living.

It’s been a while …


I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything about my vertigo. Sorry about that, if you have been wondering how things are going.