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Comment Spam

What Does This Mean?


I’ve been seeing more comment spam recently (of course, none of it ever gets posted to my site since I have ALL comments moderated.) I kept a week’s worth of IP addresses stored and decided to Google the addresses. One of the hits listed most of them. Does anyone know what these are? Are these open ICQ proxies or what?

Comment Spam and WordPress


The main reason I switched to WordPress was the problems I was having with comment spam with MovableType (althought I must admit I like the dynamic nature of WordPress, no more regenerating pages like with MT.) So, how many comment spams have I had with WP? The answer is ZERO (at least that’s how many were successfully posted.) I have had half a dozen or so comments posted to my site that were spam, but the beauty is that they were never live, which means these dingbats that post garbage posts to people’s sites to create links back to their garbage never got anything from me. I hate them. And so far, I love WP!

MT Blacklist Updater in Perl


Thanks to the original work of Luke Reeves, Gene Wood, and Cheah Chu Yeow I’ve created a Perl version of a MT-Blacklist updater. Like the last one, it gets the RDF feed and makes additions or deletions as needed to your blacklist. I have this version running as a scheduled task under Windows 2000 and it works swell.

» View the source code (Copyright © 2004 W. Tobias Simmons)