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Recently discovered


Candlebox Okay, I’ve heard the radio play stuff from Candlebox in the past and, as far as I am concerned, it’s real average. But I just recently listened to the entire release of the 1993 CD entitled Candlebox. Man, track 2 (Change) and track 7 (Arrow) are far and away the best tracks on the album.

Karma and Effect Seether’s new release, Remedy (track 2 on their latest release, Karma and Effect) is excellent, as well. I can’t completely endorse Seether’s choice of lyrics, but the music is darn fine. I can recommend 12 Stones whole-heartedly (one of their label-mates on Wind Up Records.) The only problem with Wind Up Records is that they don’t allow their music to be sold on the iTunes Music Store. Bummer. They should definitely rethink that.

Beulah Land Berries site now live!


The Arkansas Beulah Land Berries site has gone live. This site is all about the u-pick blackberry farm we are starting. My wife will handle most of the updates to the site.

OSXFAQ – Technical News and Support for Mac OS X


Good to know. OSXFAQ – Technical News and Support for Mac OS X — How To Fix Stubborn Trash and Why it Won’t Delete

Microsoft AntiSpyware funny


Funny thing happened when I arrived at work this morning. I have Microsoft AntiSpyware (beta) running on my PC. It runs a scan every evening and generates a report as to what it found for me the next day. Running for weeks, there has been no spyware found (which should be no surprise — I am a network administrator and tend to be very cautious in my surfing!)

Imagine my surprise when I arrived this morning when I noticed the report of 1 spyware item found. This was especially troublesome since I hadn’t used my computer all weekend.

The spyware it found was called Pearl Echo (Remote Control Software), "an enterprise-class employee Internet monitoring, filtering and control software program."

After doing more digging, it turns out the suspicious item was a file called smptreg.vbs, a script file supplied by Microsoft used to manage event sinks that hook into the built in SMTP server.

Heal thyself, Microsoft!

MS AntiSpyware report

Incredible grocery bill


Okay, we’ve decided to go on the South Beach diet. Penny has read the book by Dr. Arthur Agatston and is convinced it will be good for us. I completely agree and the food looks delicious. Of course, you have to remember that we have five kids, so we are feeding a family of seven.

We went to Kroger this evening to do the shopping for the next couple of weeks, which includes tons of fresh vegetables and meat. The total bill: $481.00. Wow.

WordPress Upgrade


Well, I must say that this WordPress upgrade went waayyyy better than the last. Congrats to Matt and the gang! All the fixes needed to manage your blog if you are running WP on IIS have been rolled into this burn. I will modify my previous posts (the first one and the update) that contained the temporary fixes to now point to the 1.5.1 download.

Incredibly cool website


Dunno if you have seen this or not, but it’s good to go back and view it.

Vertigo: Then and Now