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Christian Canuck rockers’s raw style hits home


Manic Drive If you are looking for a band with a unique take on the hip-hop/hardcore/rock genre with a pure message, you should do yourself a favor and check out the premier release “Reason to Move” from Manic Drive. This album marks the 5th release from founders and brothers Michael and Shawn Cavallo.

According to their bio, the Cavallo brothers gained much experience and respect performing under their former name OneCross. They have recorded and produced several projects, toured across North America, released a single Waste Away to radio, won several music awards and shared stages with some of the most respected names in the industry before hitting the age of nineteen. Now with a new name and a new album these boys are ready to hit the scene hard.

The Cavallos are joined by Phil Massicotte and Johnny Di Marco.

Their musical style is In the same vain as Thousand Foot Krutch (also from the Great White North), but with an edgier sound. Toss in a bit of Incubus’s dreamy vocals and you’ve got a pretty good idea of their style.

Their first single is Memories, which is catchy, but I think a stronger song is Aimlessly (sample here). It starts with a simple bass trickle with distant sirens. The vocals creep in winsomely, until finally the crunch of guitars crashes down, backed by big synth beats. The chorus is passionate and strong.

According to Shawn, he says about Aimlessly: “I wrote this song while being frustrated at being stuck in a lukewarm state asking God to do whatever it takes to draw me closer to Him. The idea of this song was taken from a song I wrote a few years back called Tear Me Apart. It was a prayer to make me new and to get me back on track.” Perhaps that is why this song seems so strong to me, I can certainly relate to that feeling.

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Something More
  3. Luckiest
  4. Nebulous
  5. Memories
  6. Middle Of It All
  7. Only One
  8. Aimlessly
  9. Wasting Away
  10. Tragedy
  11. Crying
  12. Alive

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