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Adobe CS2 issues


I really love the Adobe CS2 suite, but there are a couple of things that it doesn’t do that drive me nuts.

First, Adobe products (at least Photoshop and Bridge) will NOT allow you to put a time stamp in any of the IPTC date/time fields. If you enter a time, it will strip it. Apparently Adobe thinks everything occurs at midnight. And it has been this way forever. Since the IPTC data is useful to determine when something was shot, it would be nice to know what time of day the event occurred. I know that I could use the EXIF data (which I do) but if BreezeBrowser can do it, why not Bridge or Photoshop? It could just be my ignorance, though … does anyone know how to enter a date and time so that it sticks?

The other thing that I just noticed today was that apparently the Camera Raw 3.3 plugin for Photoshop never cleans up its cache. I just noticed that I had over a gig of stuff stored in

C:\Documents and Settings\...\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\Cache

which is the cache directory on my computer. If you use this plugin, you might check and see how much you have stored in there as well.

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