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One down, four to go …

Sadie the graduate

It certainly has been a busy month and I can hardly believe it. I certainly don’t feel old enough (or mature enough) to have a daughter graduating high school. But apparently, I am.

That’s Sadie, our oldest, who graduated last Saturday with 48 other home school students.

The ceremony was great and very meaningful. Each of the parents recorded a short (less than a minute) presentation for each of the graduates. As the students were called up, one at a time, to the stage to receive their diplomas from their parents, a montage of pictures from their life was displayed while the parents comments was playing. There were many tears and much joy. We are so proud of you, Sadie! Congratulations.

Red Hat Linux license in plain English


Found on is the Windows XP Home EULA (End-User Licensing Agreement) in plain English, at least as interpreted by

In the spirit of openness, I decided to give similar treatment to the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat® Applications license agreement and product warranty. (You can find it on the Red Hat website.)


Desktop donking

Annie and the donking nose

This is my current desktop background. It is a picture of Annie, our miniature schnauzer. She likes to bump her nose into you and we call that “donking.” So, now you have been donked!

If you want one, you can pick your size below: