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My son verminized his computer … and learned a lesson


Computer safety and protection are very big at my house. I suppose this is because I am responsible for so many computers at my job, and have dealt with all sorts of malware and virus infections. I have seen computers turned into boat anchors due to the affect of these trojans and botware. Because of this, I have tried to teach my kids about the evils of software cracks, warez, illegal file sharing and pop ups that promise to fix stuff that’s not really broken. One of the best precautions I have taken is to deny my kids access to the administrator’s account. I always make them to run as plain-vanilla users in order to protect them from the accidental installation of any malware that is so prevalent on the Internet. But like the old quote, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men …”

Red Hat Linux license in plain English


Found on is the Windows XP Home EULA (End-User Licensing Agreement) in plain English, at least as interpreted by

In the spirit of openness, I decided to give similar treatment to the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat® Applications license agreement and product warranty. (You can find it on the Red Hat website.)