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Archive for October, 2006

Error -42018 when downloading from iTunes


Earlier tonight I received an error message in iTunes (Windows) when trying to download a purchased song. The error message said “An unknown error has occurred (-42018). Please check your network connection.” Well the network was fine so I Googled for an answer and, oddly enough, found no salient results. I went to the iTunes support site and there found numerous posts about the error. The resolution turned out to be simple enough: deauthorize and reauthorize your computer. In Windows, you click under the store menu and select the “Deauthorize Computer …” option. After you enter your password, your computer is deauthorized. Next you just attempt to play one of your previously purchased songs. It will prompt you for your password again. Once you have reauthorized your computer, go to your pending downloads and restart the purchased song. At least it worked for me!

Network Solutions DNS down


Bummer. It appears that WorldNIC DNS is suffering and has for the last couple of days. The North American Network Operators Group seems to confirm this. Update: It also appears that SANS confirms this, too.

Prismix blog solution to running Apache and IIS


Way cool answer to running Apache and IIS on the same machine, but using different IP addresses for each.

Running Apache and IIS 6 together on the same server.