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Yes, it’s okay to remove Bonjour from CS3


Yes, it is okay to remove Bonjour after installing Adobe CS3. Adobe even explains how to do this. It would be nice to be able to unselect it during the install without having to perform a complex series of steps. But still, at least the uninstall is painless.

WordPress and duplicate sites in stats plugin


I use the Stats plugin on my blog. It is great for generating basic traffic statistics. When I upgraded my WordPress version to 2.6, something happened during the process to create a duplicate site in my stats drop down. The biggest problem is that all my old stats are associated with the original site, while all my new stats (from 7/15/2008 forward) are being pushed into the new site. (more…)

MobileMe – what a bust (but getting better)


Wow. I’ve seen some pretty dismal web launches but I must say Apple and their MobileMe launch has become the colossus of debacles. After spending several hours (and I mean, literally, eight+ hours of off and on efforts) of trying to get my Outlook 2007 data to properly sync to MobileMe and to my iPhone, I am close to giving up.

Updated at 2008-07-17 @ 4:05 pm: It appears that it is working now! Wahoo! Resetting the sync history from the MobileMe control panel never worked, but I tried to reset my sync history from iTunes (Edit->Preferences->Syncing->Reset Sync History.) I then let the next automatically scheduled sync occur and it prompted me to choose what and how to sync. I told it to take my contacts on my PC and overwrite MobileMe and told the calendar to merge. When that finished, I logged into and all my contacts were there! Next, I reset sync history again from iTunes and the next sync, I selected merge for my contacts and to overwrite MobileMe’s calendar with the one on my PC. That finished, and my calendar was updated, too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Old Compaq won’t boot without keyboard


I had an old desktop Compaq EVO4000 that I wanted to re-purpose as a headless server. It used to be my old Windows PC but since it was getting a little long in the tooth (and slow for most purposes) I wiped it out and installed Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) server on it. It made a great little server. The problem was it would not boot unless it had a keyboard attached. In a great stroke of irony, I received the following message during the boot up process with no keyboard:

Keyboard error. Press F1 to continue.

There is a way around this, but at first it seems a little backwards. With a keyboard attached, you have to enter the BIOS (by pressing F10 at the boot screen) and first enable a power-on password. This creates a “Password Options” selection in the BIOS menu. Then, under “Password Options,” you can now enable “Network Server Mode” which allows the computer to boot without keyboard/mouse installed. I’m posting this just in case the original place I found the answer (in the old HP forums) goes away.