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iCloud vs. Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7


I have been using MobileMe since Apple started the service to keep my contacts and calendar in sync across all of my devices wirelessly. Except for a few hiccups early on, it has been a great solution to keep all of my information with me all of the time — on my iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 PC and a Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard (10.6.8.)

It was definitely worth the $99 a year.

When I heard that Apple was going to start offering this sync service for free through iCloud, I thought this was great news. But then came the bad news: to use iCloud on my Macbook, I have to upgrade to 10.7 Lion if I want to keep it in the loop.

Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade to Lion because I must support numerous applications my company (a newspaper) uses to publish which simply will not run under Lion.

There have been rumors that seem to indicate that there will be a Snow Leopard 10.6.9 release that will provide support for iCloud but so far there is no official word from Apple.

But here is the thing that really doesn’t make sense to me: The fact that Apple is already supporting Windows 7 which was RTM on July 22, 2009 — but, at least so far, aren’t supporting their OWN operating system that was released AFTER THAT — on August 28, 2009.

C’mon Apple, don’t leave us hanging!

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  1. Casey Kinsey says:

    My new iMac shipped with Lion, and so far everything that has claimed to be only “Snow Leopard” compatible has worked perfectly for me, with a few kicks in the terminal here and there. :)

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