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PHP class function for screen scraping


I’ve updated my simple PHP function (the one to replace fopen()) for grabbing URLs using cURL. I’ve added some features and made it a class instead of a straight PHP function. One improvement is the ability to normalize URLs so you can use relative URLs. It also has more error checking and uses a standard user-agent by default.

The syntax is a little different from the previous version. To use it, you create an instance of the object then call the proper method:

  1. $urlScoop = new UrlGrabber;
  2. $rawhtml=$urlScoop->_get($urlScoop->_normalize(""));

Fetching a relative url would look like this:

  1. $urlScoop = new UrlGrabber;
  2. $rawhtml=$urlScoop->_get($urlScoop->_normalize("../../Photos/"));

The function is included in the jump.