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After the MRI …


Well, I went in for the MRI today. I actually slept pretty well the night before, but all day today I was just as nervous as a cat. Jittery, shaky, diarrhea, the works. Not to mention the dizziness.

I’m not really sure why I felt so disoriented and freaked out all day. I didn’t really think I was nervous about the actual procedure or the results (which I won’t know for another couple of days.)

The time finally came to go to the doctor and my wife and I headed out. When I got to the Imaging Center, I filled out the forms and almost immediately was called back. I felt pretty good, but still jittery and my legs were cramping, just typical of the way I have been feeling for the last several days.

They laid me down on the bench and put my head in the neck stirrup, I was feeling okay. Then, the nurse said she was going to slide the old helmet down over my head to my shoulders. This is basically a plastic-looking cage that comes town over your face to your shoulders.

She asked me if I was okay (because I had told her before that I was rather nervous about the whole thing, especially since I was dizzy and disoriented anyway.) I told her, I thought so.

She then began to explain that she was going to shove me into the MRI and then go into the next room and communicate with me over an intercom. Then she asked me again if I was okay. I said, “Um, well, not really.”

So, she said no problem and slid the “helmet” off and I sat up. Then I said, “Okay, so can I get a sedative or something?” I really am not usually nervous about ANY kind of medical thing, but for some reason, with the vertigo, shakiness and everything on top of it, I just didn’t think I could handle it.

So, she said “Yep, we have just the thing for this.” She went back and brought me a release form and a couple of Xanax. After letting these dissolve under me tongue (boy, they were BITTER, which she warned me about.) Then I got to eat the little peppermint she gave me to cut the taste and then waited.

After about 20-30 minutes, she returned and asked me if I was ready to give it another try. I told her, sure, I was ready to go now.

They took me back again, and this time, I kept my eyes closed. And let me tell you, it made a WORLD of difference. No panic, no nervousness, no nothing. It was GREAT!

First, she did a few shorter tests, ones that took about 1-2 minutes each. You basically hear a lot of thumping, grinding and buzzing. (They give you little foam ear buds to wear.)

Then she did a few that took a little longer, 3-4 minute tests each. (More crunching and rattling.) Then she said she was going to slide me out and give me an injection, for the “constrast” portion of the tests. I didn’t even feel her stick me. I told her she was good.

Then I went back into the tube for a couple of 4-5 minute shots. Then then slid me out and I was done. I even opened my eyes before they took me out and it was no big deal at all.

I felt a little foolish about the whole nervous/panicky feelings I had been having, but I think I realize it wasn’t really me, it was me with this busted-head thing I’ve got going on.

But, with the Xanax, all the jitteriness and nervousness was gone, so I felt about 1,000 percent better than I had all weekend. I have GOT to get some of that.

I’m supposed to call the ENT on Thursday to get the results of the test, so we’ll see what happens then.

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