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MRI Results …


Well, the MRI results are back and they are normal. Which is good. But I am still feeling terrible. How frustrating.

The nurse from the doctor’s office called this morning and told me that the results where “completely clear,” which was a good thing. This means that we have reasonably ruled out Acoustic Neuroma and Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition, they have mostly ruled out Meniere’s disease, since I haven’t really had any “full” feelings in my ears and I have no hearing loss either.

I asked her what other things could it be and are those things treatable/curable. She told me that there were several different things it could be that are treatable. The balance testing we have scheduled for Tuesday next week should show us something, she said.

I was EXTREMELY relieved to hear about the clear MRI. However, I am still feeling very dizzy and even a bit nauseous today. This is after taking 2 pills of “Dramamine Non-Drowsy Formula” (meclizine.)

I spoke with the nurse about how I was feeling today and ask her what I should do about the dizzy, jittery feeling I have been having. She told me that I could increase my dosage of the Dramamine to taking it twice a day, but that I cannot take any three days before my balance test.

She also told me that it sounded like I needed to eat something, but I am just feeling so nauseous. I told her that I tried to eat a banana and only managed to choke down about 3/4ths of it.

After I got off the phone with her, I ate a small candy bar. That didn’t really seem to help. (It was really nasty to eat, too.) Then, about an hour later, I ate a small bag of chips.

I’m still feeling horrible, and I have been having a cotton-mouth feeling all day as well. Been drinking water constantly, which has helped with the dry-mouth, but it still feels strange inside my mouth.

We’ll see how the next few days go.

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