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Post MRI and Still Spinning …


Well, here I am, three days after having the MRI, and I’m still feeling a bit dizzy and shaky.

I decided to drink no coffee today to see if it makes any difference. So far, not much. I AM feeling a bit better than I did yesterday, but perhaps that is just my outlook on things. Not really sure if I am actually physically better.

I do know, for a fact, that I am still quite woozy when I move my head around. One of the questions the nurse asked me was which made me dizzier, moving my head to the left or to the right. I have noticed that some days it is more when I turn to the left, other days when I turn to the right.

For example, today, it’s when I move my head from being turned to the left to straight ahead. At least, that’s the worst of it.

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