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MRA Done, Feeling Fine (Love that Xanax)


Finished the MRA this evening, after quite a long wait at the hospital to be called back. It was no sweat, expecially after the Xanax. Whooie!

They had to hook me up to an IV in order to inject some stuff so that they could tell the difference between the carotid arteries and the jugular veins. It has to do with timing and which direction the blood is going. What they do is inject some stuff and time the picture so that the stuff is traveling up toward your brain when they take the picture, but the jugular vain doesn’t have the stuff in it, or something like that.

What they are looking for is constriction of these blood vessels. I actually felt a little better today, especially mentally. Coping better and such. Let’s keep this up! Even though the going has been tough and I’ve felt extremely fatigued lately, it’s still better when your mind and attitude are getting to be in the right place.

I know that there will be some tough and not so good days to come, but we’ll just keep trucking along as best as I can. By God’s grace, I will continue to accept whatever is going to happen.

Next week is going to be busy, what with all the lab stuff going on Monday morning and the big install for the SAN at the office. This is going to be fun …

If you have had a year (or several months) like I’ve had, I’d like to know. Send me a comment?

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