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The Testing was Shocking!


Went to the neuro today and had the EMG test. Yowie. It was rather unpleasant.

They had me lay on a table and attached these leads to my legs, then poked a small pin into different areas to measure nerve signals. Basically, it would record the kind and strength of the nerve signals that were traveling from my brain to my legs.

The reason they do this on your legs is because that is the farthest place from your brain and it’s easier to measure disturbances in these signals across that path.

This portion of the test wasn’t too bad. It basically felt like someone was jabbing a very fine pin into your legs or back at different times.

The second part of the test involved attaching these other leads to my legs and then taking a thing that looked a whole lot like a Tazer and shocking the muscles. The leads would then record the signals as they traveled through the nerves. Every time you are shocked, it feels like someone has hit your funny bone. Ugh.

And there are few times when they hit you with it, what seems like, 10-15 times straight, just "Zap, Zap, Zap, Zap, Zap …"

It was most unpleasant.

Anyway, the results show that I have axonal peroneal neuropathy. I think this is basically nerve damage to the peroneal nerve. The question now is what is causing the nerve damage.

I also had a brainstem evoked-response test done today, where they hook up several leads to your head and put headphones on you to listen to what sounds like a jack-hammer for 10 minutes in each ear. I don’t know any results about this test yet, but I know that they were trying to figure out why I have been dizzy for so long.

I have tons of lab work out so we shall see if any of it reveals anything, including testing for heavy metals.

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