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Got Comment-Spammed Today


Man, I really hate spammers. They truly are one of the lowest forms of life on earth. They send gigs and gigs of time-wasting, offensive junk into your e-mail, bog down your servers with their depraved material, then they scum up your web site with comment-spam!

Comment-spam is where you give readers the option to leave comments on your web site and a spammer comes to your site and posts a comment touting their own web sites and such for Viagra and more.

The ability to leave comments is a great feature, in my opinion, because it gives readers the ability to participate in the dialog. It’s great to encourage interactivity. But when it gets misused by low-life skanks hawking drugs and porn, it really steams me.

I was spammed today from which is the net block

I sent the following e-mail to them:

Are you aware that someone is using one of your IP numbers to send spam? The IP address the spam came from is:

It happened at 11:35 a.m. CDT today.

Toby Simmons
Director of Internet Services
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Arkansas Online
Voice 501.399.3603 / Fax 419.821.5251 /

I don’t really think anyone will do anything about this, but regardless I’ve installed the beta version of MT-Blacklist which should hopefully help.

Man, I really hate spam.

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