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Good Day Today …


Today was a very good day. I started out kinda slow, but not very dizzy. The thing with this stuff is that you are not ever quite sure if you are feeling bad or not. Which, I suspect, means that you aren’t feeling normal, but not as bad as you have.

It sounds like I’m whining, I suppose, too. But I do know that earlier today, I was having trouble keeping a thought in my head and was very tired and weak.

I did manage to read to the kids today (two chapters) from Harry Potter. That has been very good for us as a family. I’m planning on trying to read another chapter in just a little bit. The last time I felt REALLLLLYYY bad was after a Saturday night of reading until it was late. I felt very woozy after finishing a third chapter and the next day I was stricken into the bed.

That kind of makes me feel apprehensive about reading late, but I had been feeling worse and worse up to that point anyway and it might not have had anything to do with the reading.

Anyway, as I was saying, today was a pretty good day. I started feeling better by early afternoon, even good enough to go out and help my brother-in-law move a bunch of wood that we had saved from my dad’s old house. We stacked it all up in the back of an 8″ x 16″ trailer, and it was filled probably 6 feet high across the entire trailer. It was a bunch of wood.

I was pretty tired after that, so I came back in and rested for a while. My dad was back on his two acres and I went back to borrow his glucometer.

Since my dad has diabetes, I wanted to start checking my own blood sugar to see if, perhaps, that was causing or contributing to my wooziness. I have been checking it off and on throughout the day and so far the readings have all been great.

Dad also said I should check my blood pressure, to see if it is fluctuating as well. I bet not.

Still, I’m glad that at least by sugar levels are normal.

I’m actually kind of hoping that maybe what happened was a virus in one ear back in May, then recently it (for some reason) moved into my other ear, which would explain why I had a recent downturn. But now that things seem to be improving again, maybe I’m beginning to get into the clear.

Oh, and I felt good enough today to mow most of the front yard. Yippee!

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