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Limit of 32,000 bytes? Really?


I cannot believe we have purchased a product based on a database that has a 32,000-byte limit on fields returned using their own ODBC driver!

Welcome to 1984. Wow.

Update: This limit also applies to their .NET driver.

MobileMe still doesn’t support Outlook reminders


Apple’s MobileMe is a great idea. It has been the only real answer to keeping contacts and calendars synced across multiple Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and multiple computers using both Windows and OS X. Despite a rocky start (see this article) the service has gradually become better and better. But a problem developed for Outlook users when Apple moved to a new calendar format. The upgraded calendar no longer synchronizes your local Outlook calendar with the MobileMe remote calendar (including your alerts/reminders) — instead you get a second, external CalDAV calendar linked in Outlook and stored “in the cloud,” separate and distinct from your local Outlook calendar.