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Archive for September, 2014

Sandy is a dandy


Been looking for a good alternative to the sweet Oktoberfests I’ve been drinking as of late and this one is great!

Thanks to Mother’s Brewing.

Smoked pork tenderloin


Pork tenderloin, rubbed with chili powder, salt, brown sugar and a healthy dose of paprika, smoked low and slow for four hours.

Apple iOS8, caching server fail


Update: Apple confirms they screwed up.

We did what would could to prepare for Apple’s release of iOS8; We’ve had an Apple Caching Server up and running for months. We expected to fade the new release without a hitch. But instead, Apple did something that appears to have disabled caching of the iOS8 update (see this Reddit comment in this Reddit thread, we observed the exact same issue.)

What did we do? Blacklisted the two update domains, and in DNS.

It’s a shame we have to disable updates in order to maintain bandwidth order but c’mon Apple, why did you break the caching server?

Pork chops, Jamaican jerk rub


Thin chops that were grilled using a jerk rub spice from my sister-in-law, purchased at a family reunion. Proceeds go to fund the next reunion. So, so good!