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Creator of Linux defends its originality | CNET


Linus Torvalds, creator of the popular Linux computer operating system, defended his work Monday as not always lovely but original–and certainly not copied, as a Utah company has contended. Now, SCO thinks they own (parts of) Linux. But read the last paragraph of the story — it also turns out that Novell thinks they own it, too.

What a wicked web we weave …

Got a frickin code in bye dose


I guess this year wouldn’t be complete unless I went ahead and caught a cold on top of everything else I’ve had. Now that I’ve done that, I think I’ve pretty much wrapped up all the ailments I should have this year.

CD-burning software prompts patent suit


Oh my gosh, here we go again.

Whee whee whee!


The last three days have been some kind of an adventure. I’ve been very, very dizzy for the last 4 days. It’s been kinda like a constant buzz.

And to top it off, there is new carpet going in on the third floor. That means we’ve been labeling and moving computers, phones, wires, desks and more. It’s been a wild ride.

Another new little thing is that I’ve been having some pretty funny sounding tinnitus (something I’ve never really had) at night, especially when I’m very tired. It’s only in my right ear, and it sounds like a plane is flying overhead. Of course, it’s not really there, though. Weird stuff.

New iPod and Apple iTunes Music Store


I’ve been looking at the iPod since they first came out. I originally wanted one back when they were just 5 gigs but couldn’t really make a case for it, since it could not be used (easily) as a firewire drive on my PC.