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PuTTY Tray

PuTTYTray has a new build!


Just to make sure everyone knows, PuTTYTray (or Putty Tray) has a new build, based on some security fixes that were released by Simon Tatham. The current build of PuTTYTray is current with PuTTY’s trunk.

PuTTY Tray: Redux — 0.61


→ Updated 2012-02-19: I have created a new static page with information about the new PuTTY Tray build. All future updates will be found on that page.

→ Updated 2011-11-10: There is a new version with added features/bugfixes!

PuTTY Tray (or PuTTYtray) is an unofficial branch of PuTTY, the terminal program. It builds on an already excellent application adding many features that (at least for me) make significant improvements including the ability to minimize the application to the system tray and turn URLs into clickable links within the terminal window.