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From parts to purpose


Homemade catfish!


Stir fry


Oh my gosh, this was incredible! We started with the recipe for stir fry from Arkansas Foodies and improvised a bit with crowder peas and Linzano sauce. It was simply incredible, thanks again to our home-grown eggs and Farm Girl Natural Foods (Facebook page.) This time we used her hmong sausage, an Asian sausage style flavored with ginger, cilantro, and chilies.

Pesto pizza


This is pesto pizza using linguica sausage from Farm Girl Natural Foods, which can also be found on Facebook. I browned the sausage, made a pesto cream sauce and added the sauce, sausage, fresh mushrooms, fresh arugula, mozzarella and feta cheese to a pre-made crust that was brushed with extra virgin olive oil. It was cooked on a super-hot pizza stone for ~15 minutes.



Homemade migas using linguica sausage from Farm Girl Natural Food, which can also be found on Facebook; I also used our very own farm’s eggs, home-grown onions and jalapeƱo peppers!

They were most excellent and Annie approved. So much so, she had to take a nappy on the couch after breakfast!

PuTTYTray has a new build!


Just to make sure everyone knows, PuTTYTray (or Putty Tray) has a new build, based on some security fixes that were released by Simon Tatham. The current build of PuTTYTray is current with PuTTY’s trunk.

Notepad++ and line height (leading)


Quick note to self: If you set your Notepad++ fonts to smaller sizes (say 8 points) the editor still seems to have really big line-heights which leaves lots of white space. To decrease the line-height and minimize the white space, go to the Settings -> Style Configurator and under Global Styles, select the “Brace highlight style” and set it to a smaller font size. By default it is set at 12 points, which is too much for smaller fonts.

SCP with spaces in the name


Note to self: When you want to copy files recursively to a destination with spaces in the name using SCP, the syntax is (assuming you want to copy the contents of the current directory to a remote location):

  1. scp -p -r ./* user@destinationserver:"/Path/That/Has/Some\ Spaces\ In\ It/"